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It’s important, for ourselves, to make something different each time, because life is only interesting when you take risks. It’s only when you’re in danger that magic happens.

E’ da poco uscito il loro terzo album “More” e a noi di SOund36 ci è piaciuto molto, talmente tanto che oltre ad aver recensito ‘album abbiamo fatto quattro belle chiacchiere con i Soldout. Il duo belga produce un’elettronica che riesce ad unire semplice e diretto divertimento ad atmosfere ricercate, il ballo spensierato ad acide code strumentali. Abbiamo parlato con loro del loro modo di intendere la musica, di farla e del loro studio a Brussels! Leggetela qui di seguito!

In More you changed something of your music. Generally do you like changes?
Yes I would hate to make the same album over and over again. I hope it will never happen to us. It’s important, for ourselves, to make something different each time, because life is only interesting when you take risks. It’s only when you’re in danger that magic happens. We never really decide what we want to do, it happens naturally. In this album we wanted to have more melodies, and more real songs, and we wanted to work a lot on the vocals, and on their interpretation.
Another change is that we made this album without thinking of the live show. Now that it is done, we would like to re-work the songs for the concerts, to bring something different each time. An album is something fixed, but we can play with it thoughout our concerts, and make it evolve.
People say that our music is a contrast between something melodic and sad, with something more rough and cold. I think it’s due to the fact that David and I have very different musical backgrounds. My influences are more melodic and pop-structured, they are very different from David’s influences, which are more experimental and free.
With this album, we get closer and closer to who we really are, we are finding a balance between David and myself. It’s what I like the most about this album, we managed to bring our styles together and keep it absolutely personal, and we both recognize ourselves in the music.
Also, we like dark music, but when we write something based on really dark and heavy sounds, we feel like we need to bring something conflicting and contradictory with the vocals, and the contrary too.

Which are the sources of your music creative process?
We let ourselves go,we don’t decide anything in advance, we just follow our instinct. I think we are influenced by absolutely EVERYTHING that surrounds us! The music, but also the people, the movies, the art, the things we see, we read, our fights,…

Do you think that electronic music is an unlimited universe?

Not only electronic music, but music in general is an unlimited universe. Like art in general, people will never get bored, because new things pop up every day, every year there are amazing new bands emerging, it’s is constantly growing.

It seems that in the last ten years making music in duo is the best way to do great things, what do you think about?
I don’t know, I never really worked with more people. You know, I think that even in bands where there are 5 or 6 people, there are generally one or two that are really writing things. I guess it’s rare that 5 people write at the same time! It make things more complicated, cause everybody has his own taste, different ideas. When David and I work together, we often need to compromise and find the real balance between the two of us. If you have to listen to 3 more people… i’m sure you can just get lost.

You have a record studio in Brussels, is this a city with an alive music scene?
Yes there are a lot of good bands here. But it is such a small country, it’s hard for band to break internationally. We get influences from all the countries around, so there are all style of music here. Of course the electronic scene is very important. From the 80s with Front 242, then the new beat, and now some electronic acts are really doing well, like The Magician, Goose, 2many Djs, Mickey,…
Because it’s so small, you feel like everybody knows each other, so it’s nice, we get along with everyone, but I feel that we need some change now, we might move away for a few months, I want to try some place else.

Annalisa Nicastro

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