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Scritto da Sister Hobartina

The flow of spacetime is now happening worldwide. This life is nothing short of a condensing quantum leap of primordial trascendence love is a constant. The nexus is bursting with biofeedback and aromatherapy may be the solution to what is holding you back from an ecstatic uprising of synchronicity.
I just want to trap little creatures with him to make furs and well live in a cabin in the woods where
well make our own marple.
Usally when I take long bus journeys I like to pass the time counting dead dogs on the side of the
Homosexuality is a good way of assuring that the truly gifted aren’t burdened with children.

by Bo Fowlkes

About the author

Sister Hobartina

Born of human parents on planet "Earth". Bo Fowlkes was conceived somewhere in the solar system surrounding the star Sirius. Bo's parents have no memory of the night when they were abducted. But Bo has maintained close contact with the sirians via a small radio receiver they implanted in his skull.
Today he resides in New York City.

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