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Look into the Mirror

Scritto da Sister Hobartina

We don’t believe in singing Christmas carols, the only music we are allowed to hear is the very best of Peter, Paul and Mary

Look into a mirror and say hello to yourself.
Did you anwer yourself or did you just leave yourself hanging?
Try smiling.
Now frown.
Now look frightened.
Try embarassed.
Now act shocked like you just got slapped.
Try walking away from the mirror.
Then sneaking back up on yourself.
Were you starteled? Was your first reaction: Oh, there I am? Or was something like who the hell is that chinese guy? Even if you aren’t chinese

About the author

Sister Hobartina

Born of human parents on planet "Earth". Bo Fowlkes was conceived somewhere in the solar system surrounding the star Sirius. Bo's parents have no memory of the night when they were abducted. But Bo has maintained close contact with the sirians via a small radio receiver they implanted in his skull.
Today he resides in New York City.

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